Dark Trajan

"I am that which you are too cowardly to become."
-Dark Trajan

Dark Trajan is essentially what Trajan would have become if he had accepted the Nebulans' control and done what they told him to do; bring Gaiganny. In the course of the battle, Trajan realized that Gaiganny would not go and in his mind, was not worth the effort. So he killed her without a second thought. When he returned o the Nebulan homeworld the Nebulans were outraged, but instead of taking their punishment, Trajan demanded they upgrade him with Gaiganny's powers. Trajan returned to the gigan homeworld and systematically began killing any gigan he felt had something useful, returning to the Nebulans and demanding further upgrades. By then the Nebulans were too terrified of Trajan to deny his requests, and knoiwng he could destroy their world if they refused, they slowly fell into the role reversal. Trajan called the shots, the Nebulans obeyed. One by one the parallel versions of the Alternate homeworld cast were killed and incorporated into Trajan, makig him the most powerful being in their universe.
At the same time in Alt. Homeworld Trajan and General had come to blows, with Sarge opening a space-rift trying to pull the rogue Planet Buste through, not realizing in the paralell universe, Dark Trajan noticed the rift and immediately headed into the unknown.